Last update Jul 20, 2021

Bonfire is currently still in alpha, things are prone to break and the service can become unavaiable at any time without prior notice and with no guarrantee on downtimes.

Data loss are also not completely out of the picture, while we have systems in place to avoid that, we can't guarantee there won't be rollbacks until at least the beta release.

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Achieved 🎉

Alpha release

Early 2021

  • Game creation
  • Boards
  • Dice rolling
  • Fog of wag
  • Drawings
  • Handouts
  • Ruler
  • Game pausing
  • Initiative tracker
Current goal 🔥

Beta release

End of 2021

These features are currently being rolled out in no specific order, the beta will be considered live when all of them will have been released.

  • Technical consolidation
  • More free basic content
  • Music player
  • Improved dynamic lighting
  • Tokens attributes
  • Sprites rotation
  • Hex grid
  • Better Rolling
  • Subscriptions

Release candidate


This list is far for exhaustive, beyond this point: we enter in Schrödinger's zone, where no state is fixed.

  • Collaborative Handouts
  • Character sheets
  • External API
  • Community tools


Our goal for Bonfire is to make a virtual tabletop that's welcoming to players of all backgrounds, a modern tool that's magically disapearing and let everyone enjoy their favorite games. We want Bonfire to be easy to use, while having all the features you'd expect from a modern virtual tabletop.

Coming up next

We wish to release a beta version somewhere during summer 2021, the beta will be considered released once we achieve a certain standard of features, usability, and platform stability. Around that time you'll notice the launch of our Patreon account with in-app integration, this mean supporters will start having bonuses such as additional content and perks. Don't worry though! Bonfire will remain free to use, including all features currently available.

Thank you so much for being part of Bonfire! 🔥